Simple Affordable Solutions for Small Businesses

At BlockCRM we create affordable web-apps and software solutions for small businesses that allow them to effectively and profitably run their business with minimum stress and with maximum ease. Regardless of the industry of your business we most likely have a solution for you that can assist your management and business leadership in running your business.

Staff Manager is a web platform and BlockCRM module built to assist business owners and managers in easily dealing with their staffs Rotas and Leave Planning all in one easy to use Web App with SMS and Email Notifications of Rotas that can be planned and sent out through the platform. As well as Timesheets, Leave Planning, Staff Documentation as well as other more useful features. Read More Info

Licence Manager is a web platform and BlackCRM module used to assist business owners and fleet managers to easily and regularly drivers licence check their staff - to avoid fines and to ensure the safety of their businesses as well as to easily maintain and recieve notification in regards to vehicles Tax Status and MOT expiry. Read More Info